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Mechanical Industry

Within the mechanical industry, there’s a demand for versatile and reliable tubing solutions that can meet a diverse array of specifications and requirements. Whether for structural applications, general engineering needs, or specialised projects, the production of hot-rolled and cold-drawn tubes from both non-alloy and alloy steel is essential.

iera excels in this industry by offering a comprehensive range of mechanical tubes tailored to customer specifications. Our expertise lies in manufacturing high-quality tubes that meet non-standard sizes, diverse dimensions, and precise tolerances, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of applications within the mechanical industry.

By leveraging both hot-rolled and cold-drawn manufacturing techniques, Viera can provide tubes with varying properties and characteristics to suit different mechanical applications. Whether it’s the strength and durability required for structural integrity or the precision and consistency necessary for engineering projects, our tubes are engineered to deliver exceptional performance across the board.

Furthermore, our commitment to customisation allows us to cater to the unique needs of our customers, providing them with tailored solutions that align perfectly with their specific requirements. This flexibility not only enhances the versatility of our product offerings but also fosters innovation and collaboration within the mechanical industry.